subsidence [2012-16]

electric, steel-string slide guitar (2 players) [30’]

commissioned for the RMIT University Sonic Arts Collection, 2015 for the ELISION Ensemble


forthcoming recording performed by the ELISION Ensemble [Daryl Buckley & Peter Neville] on Huddersfield Contemporary Records, November 2019.

further reading

From body schema to score: creating spatial grammars in contemporary electric guitar practice. Daryl Buckley. PhD Dissertation. RMIT University. Melbourne, Australia [2015]

performance history

9/21/2019 - ELISION Ensemble. JOLT Sonic Festival. Melbourne, Australia.

2/22/2018 ELISION Ensemble. Brunswick Green. Melbourne, Australia.

2/12/2018 ELISION EnsembleLa Mama Musica. Melbourne, Australia.

10/24/2017 -  ELISION Ensemble. Southwestern University. Georgetown, TX.

5/20/2017 -  ELISION Ensemble. Paine Hall. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA.

9/21/2016 -  ELISION Ensemble. RMIT Storey Hall. Melbourne, Australia.

program note

subsidence plumbs a nearly featureless world of soft but charged noise to reveal its subterranean motion. At times static, at times turbulent, the movements and behaviors within this noise embody a geologic heaviness and hugeness. Named after the gradual caving in or sinking of an area of land, subsidence enacts a slow concentration of matter and energy which give way to a protracted, eventually cataclysmic implosion. Press into the earth - all your weight - a gradual subsidence.