future projects

The Hollow of the Heart
solo Paetzold contrabass recorder & ensemble [commissioned by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation for Anna Petrini and the Curious Chamber Players]

new work 
solo Paetzold contrabass recorder [commissioned by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee for Anna Petrini]

solo horn [commissioned by Samuel Stoll]

glost fire
percussion trio [commissioned by line upon line percussion]

cello, tuba, and percussion [for the ELISION Ensemble]


porcelain body [percussion]

panic around death [vocalizing performer, objects, electronics, light]

RAW MATTER [bass clarinet]

BODY MATTER [bassoon]

string quartets

your body is a volume [2016-19]

Decke [2012-13]

2-4 instruments

traces that time leaves on built form [percussion + piano]

you actually are evaporating [violin + cello]

Mirror Stratum [contrabass clarinet + cello]

Glass Stratum [piccolo + violin]

One Flat Thing, reproduced [oboe, violin, percussion]

Apparatus [bass clarinet, cello, piano]

Disfix [bass clarinet, piccolo trumpet, trombone]

The Chain of the Spine [violin, contrabass recorder, and cardboard objects, glass objects, fixed media (3 players)]

WORLDEATER [two trombonists]

subsidence [lap-steel guitar (2 players)]

I REMEMBER YOU [horn + violin]

KILN I [contrabass clarinet, euphonium & percussion]

KILN II [bass clarinet, contrabass & percussion]

Interfacing with the Surface [horn, cello, synthesizer & electronics]

5-9 instruments

Nous-Apparatus [six instruments]

karst survey [seven instruments]

Uns-Apparatus [brass quintet]

10+ instruments

KARST [22 instruments]

Sediment [12 instruments]