Sediment [2018]

12 instruments [17’]

[;;; bssn.; tpt.; tbn.; acc.; vi; vii; vla; vc; db]

commissioned by impuls International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music for Klangforum Wien

performance history

2/15/2019 - klangforum Wien. impuls Festival. MUMUTH. Graz, Austria.

program note

In Sediment, sound material has become so impacted upon itself that all gestural energy has stopped, leaving a static, hazy residue that oozes slowly over time. The title references sedimentary rock, which is made of geologically distinct material which has fused together after being subject to processes of compression and constriction over the persistent weight of time. There is something foundational to the idea of sediment: drill into the earth and you will find this layer of striated rock beneath its crust, enveloping the core. In another sense, Sediment is a shy confessional; at once a disclosure and obfuscation of the things we carry for so long, they settle within us and become a part of who we are.