The Restoration of Objects [2008]

string quartet [14’]

written for the JACK Quartet

further reading

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performance history

12/9/2009 - Ensemble SurPlus. E-Werk. Freiburg, Germany

8/22/2009 - Ensemble SurPlus. Sommerakademie Schloss Solitude. Stuttgart, Germany

3/26/2009 - JACK Quartet. University of Huddersfield. England



"[T]his is, for me, a very accomplished piece. The sound of four string instruments, and the striated treatment of their technique, give the whole a sonic homogeneity that belies the intensity of activity beneath the surface." - "10 for '10: Timothy McCormack", Tim Rutherford-Johnson [ The Rambler ]

"Am unkonventionellsten dabei fraglos "The Restoration of Objects" für Streichquartett von Timothy McCormack: eine knapp zwanzigminütige, amorphe, doch intensiv bewegte Klangmasse, die das traditions geadelte Quartett-Kolorit in ungewohnter Körperlichkeit erklingen ließ. Technisch und interpretatorisch ein Kraftakt [...]"   -"SurPlus goes Solitude", Gero Schreier [ published in the print edition of Badischen Zeitung ]

Translation: "On this concert, the most unconventional was unquestionably "The Restoration of Objects" for string quartet by Timothy McCormack: a nearly twenty-minute, amorphous, yet intensely moving mass of sound, which ennobled the traditions of complexist quartet-color [and] sounded in an unusual physicality.  Technically and interpretively a tour de force [...]" [translation by Timothy McCormack. Please email me if you have a better translation.]