panic around death [2015]

vocalizing performer, objects, electronics, light [35’+]

commissioned by Jeffrey Gavett


performance history

7/22,26/2019 - Richard Haynes. 180° Festival. Fabrica 126. Sofia, Bulgaria.

9/8/2017 - Jeffrey Gavett. Arts @ 29 Garden. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA.

5/12/2017 - Richard Haynes. Arts @ 29 Garden. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA.

4/22/2017 - Richard HaynesACT Performance Festival. Kaskadenhalle ZHdK. Zurich, Switzerland.

2/11/2017 - Richard HaynesOpening: Internationales Festival fur Aktuelle Klangkunst. Trier, Germany

2/10/2017 - Richard HaynesPROGR Zentrum fur Kulturproduktion. Bern, Switzerland.

8/21/2016 - Isaac StevensonConstellation. Chicago

5/12/2016 - Viola YipSpectrum. New York, NY

5/9/2016 - Weston OlenckiCCRMA. Stanford University. Palo Alto, CA.

2/26/2016 - Isaac Stevenson. DePaul University School of Music. Chicago

10/19/2015 - Jeffrey Gavett. Huddersfield University. Huddersfield, UK

10/13/2015 - Jeffrey Gavett. The DiMenna Center. New York, NY

9/11/2015 - Jeffrey GavettResonant Bodies Festival. New York, NY

program note

panic around death acts as a meditation on illness, death, and the body, specifically through the lens of incurable disease. One’s body becomes an unconsenting host for such diseases, and the individual acquires both a panic and a peace around the idea of death. Existing somewhere between concert music, installative art, and non-narrative theater, panic around death does not pose any questions or provide any answers. Rather, it aims to construct a space that is informed by and reverent of illness while offering itself as an area of comfort and protection.