karst survey [2016]

seven instruments + fixed media [19’]

[piccolo; soprano saxophone; bass clarinet; piano; percussion; violin; cello]

commissioned by the [Switch~ Ensemble]

further reading

Interview with Timothy McCormack - conducted by Zach Sheets of the [Switch~ Ensemble].


forthcoming recording performed by Klangforum Wien on Kairos, 2019

performance history

5/23/2019 - ensemble mosaikKesselhaus in der Kulturbrauerei. Berlin, Germany.

2/28/2019 - the [Switch~ Ensemble]. Areté Venue & Gallery. Brooklyn, NY.

5/3/2018 - klangforum WienErnst von Siemens Music Prize ceremony. Prinzregententheater. Munich, Germany.

7/13/2016 - the [Switch~ Ensemble]VIPA Festival. Valencia, Spain.

program note

An on-the-ground traversal through a weathered and disconnected terrain; a crawl way suddenly opening up into a cavern; a disappearing river; a compulsive urge for movement; a pushing forward, even if that leads straight down the dark maw of a sinkhole.