horn & violin [7’]

commissioned by Jetpack Bellerive

I REMEMBER YOU is not available for performance by ensembles other than Jetpack Bellerive.


performance history

10/30/2015 -  Jetpack BelleriveSprengel Museum. Hannover, Germany.

4/24/2015 -  Jetpack BelleriveCentre PasquArt. Biel, Switzerland.

4/23/2015 -  Jetpack BelleriveKunstraum Walcheturm. Zurich, Switzerland.

4/21/2015 -  Jetpack Belleriveunerhörte Musik. Berlin, Germany.

3/4/2015 -  Jetpack BelleriveBrunel University. London, UK.

12/6/2014 -  Jetpack Bellerive. Villa Renata. Basel, Switzerland.

11/29/2014 -  Jetpack BelleriveMusée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts. Lausanne, Switzerland .

11/22/2014 -  Jetpack BelleriveForum Neue Musik Luzern im Südpol. Lucerne, Switzerland.

11/13/2014 -  Jetpack BelleriveKunsthalle Bern. Bern, Switzerland.

11/9/2014 -  Jetpack BelleriveZofingen Hirzenberg Konzerte. Zofingen, Switzerland.

11/6/2014 -  Jetpack BelleriveKunsthalle St. Gallen. Saint Gallen, Switzerland.

program note


[I] I’ll cleave the warmth from your bones and stop still your beating heart.

[II] I know my mind is changing but I’m already too far gone to know what to do. I want people to know that if I do things that hurt anyone, please, please forgive me. Just watch over me. Please love me again.

[III] I just want to be loved. Please forgive me for whatever I do when I don’t remember you.

[IV] I have to protect us. I love you.

I REMEMBER YOU takes as its subject Simon Petrikov/the Ice King from the TV series Adventure Time. Ostensibly a show for children, Adventure Time is primarily about loss, isolation, and mortality. Originally the de facto villain, the Ice King becomes the show’s most devastating character as his tragic and painful slip into dementia is slowly revealed and understood. At the point in time at which the show begins, the Ice King is no longer able to access his past life at all; he is only left with his obsessions and a vague intuition that something or someone is missing.

I REMEMBER YOU follows the show’s slow reveal of this character’s condition and his past in four parts, each relating to a different episode dealing with the Ice King. With each subsequent section, the piece loses more of its material until it is completely hollowed. The piece is about the void that replaces a memory once it has been lost.

I REMEMBER YOU was commissioned by Jetpack Bellerive for their project BORED TO DEATH, a multi-media project dealing with popular serialized television shows.