your body is a volume [2016-17]

string quartet [60']
[commissioned by the Westdeutschen Rundfunks for the JACK Quartet and the Wittener Tage fur neue Kammermusik]



3/23/2018 - Ensemble Tzara. Venue TBA. Zurich, Switzerland.

3/22/2018 - Ensemble Tzara. Venue TBA. Zurich, Switzerland.

5/5/2017 - JACK Quartet. Wittener Tage fur neue Kammermusik. Witten, Germany.



The performer and their instrument form a single body. Attention is drawn to the positioning and proximity of the appendages of this body, as well as their effortful and glacial movements; the body in acute proprioceptive relation to itself. This body does not move through a space - it becomes the space; the body as the site of kinesthetic inscription. We hear the body in its sound, and the sound subsumes us.



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