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piano + percussion [10']

written for Ensemble Nikel



traces that time leaves on built form [Timothy McCormack, 2012] from Timothy McCormack on Vimeo.



12/15/2018 - HYPER DUO. IGNM Bern. Bern, Switzerland.

12/13/2018 - HYPER DUO. Kulturnhalle. Leipzig, Germany.

12/11/2018 - HYPER DUO. Unerhörte Musik. Berlin, Germany.

12/8/2018 - HYPER DUO. Depot.K. Freiburg, Germany.

4/31/2018 - HYPER DUO. ppIANISSIMO festival. Sofia, Bulgaria.

3/5/2018 - HYPER DUO. Société de musique contemporaine. Salle Utopia 1, Conservatoire de Lausanne. Lausanne, Switzerland.

2/3/2018 - HYPER DUO. Concerts de Musique Contemporaine. Centre de Culture ABC. La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

2/2/2018 - HYPER DUO. Café littéraire. Bienne, Switzerland.

5/11/2017 - ICE & New Music Detroit. New Music Gathering. BGSU. Bowling Green, Ohio.

4/30/2017 - Bryn Lutek & Hye Won Cecilia Lee. Temerty Theatre. Royal Conservatory of Music. Toronto, Canada.

4/26/2017 - ensemble recherche. Ensemblehaus. Freiburg, Germany

3/18/2017 - Yarn|Wire. Paine Hall. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA

9/11/2015 - Ensemble ET | ET & klavierduo huber/thomet. Musikfestival Bern. Bern, Switzerland

5/2/2014 - Christian Smith & Chris Goddard. McGill University. Montreal, Canada

5/18/2013 - l'Arsenale. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA

6/27/2012 - Ensemble Nikel. Tzlil Meudcan Festival. Tel Aviv, Israel



traces that time leaves on built form borrows its title from Bernard Tschumi's seminal essay Architecture and Transgression. Tschumi identifies the relationship between a structure and its decay as one that passes through states, which allows the structure to transgress the limits within which it is contained. "The most architectural thing about this building is the state of decay in which it is." The instruments in this piece create identities around the idea of decay: the constant sound of the cymbals lightly brushed and the piano's pedal repeatedly depressed creates a renewal at every moment of a sound that immediately dies after its attack. Obstinate remembering of a perpetual state of forgetting.


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