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written for Séverine Ballon


Performed by Séverine Ballon.


1/17/2019 - Severine Ballon. Ultraschall Berlin: Festival für neue Musik. Heimathafen Neukölln. Berlin, Germany.

10/12/2018 - TJ Borden. UCSD. San Diego, CA.

9/29/2018 - TJ Borden. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA.

9/14/2018 - the [Switch~ Ensemble], TJ Borden, cello. Spectrum NYC. Brooklyn, NYC.

3/2/2018 - Severine Ballon. NUMU: Neue & Unentdeckte Musik. Baden, Switzerland.

12/4/2016 - Lester St. Louis. Gallery 456. New York, NY.

9/14/2016 - ELISION Ensemble [Séverine Ballon]. RMIT Gallery. Melbourne, Australia.

6/11/2015 - Ensemble Praesenz [Jan-Filip Tupa]. Galerie Schmidt&Handrup. Berlin, Germany.

6/10/2015 - Ensemble Praesenz [Jan-Filip Tupa]. Galerie Schmidt&Handrup. Cologne, Germany.

1/9/2015 - Séverine Ballon.  UC Santa Cruz.

9/3/2014 - Séverine Ballonunerhörte Music. BKA Theater. Berlin, Germany.

7/11/2014 - Kevin McFarland. New Orleans Museum of Art. New Orleans, LA.

11/24/2013 - Kevin McFarland. Wesleyan University. Middletown, CT

10/4/2013 - Séverine Ballon. Lyon Conservatory of Music and Dance. Lyon, France.

4/6/2013 - Séverine Ballon. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA.



DRIFT MATTER [Timothy McCormack, 2013] from Timothy McCormack on Vimeo.

DRIFT MATTER [Timothy McCormack, 2013] from Timothy McCormack on Vimeo.



Dragging the Sound: The Locus of Substance in DRIFT MATTER for Solo Cello in New Music and Aesthetics in the 21st Century Vol. 9: Substance and Content in Music Today (Mahnkopf, Cox, Schurig editors). Published by Wolke Verlag. [August, 2014]



DRIFT MATTER posits a sound terrain upon which incomplete hunks of aural matter are unceremoniously strewn, interrupting, obfuscating and erraticizing each other. The various sound worlds are always impinging upon one another and are refracted through each other; the 'musical object' is always only partially revealed. Both formal sections and overall impact of certain strands of material are wildly unbalanced, some acting as cumbersome eclipsing objects of others.
The working metaphore throughout DRIFT MATTER is that of glacial drift, which describes all types of geologic material which is uprooted, transported and deposited by glacial activity, regardless of size or amount of sorting. This includes glacial erratic [massive rocks displaced into and thus imposing upon a region/terrain in which they are not indigenous], moraine [smaller bits of rock and earth, sheered off of a mass by the advancement of a glacier, which then cover and recontextualize their own, indigenous terrain], and sediment [particulate matter which is accumulated along with a glacier until it is somehow freed and transported into a body of water, within which it may solidify and densify into a new, rock-like strata of the earth itself]. The piece renders its materials as both unwieldy supraglacial matter and consolidated, ground[ed] proglacial debris.


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